Compliance to Technical norms (GOST standards)


  • aviation and military regulations
  • frequency regulations (Weather Centre, Air Force, Police, mobile operators, etc.)Ğ´.)
  • distance to the engineering buildings (gas, pipelines, power lines)
  • underground communications (fiber optic communications, telephone, water, etc.))
  • sanitary-protective zones
  • branch line and spur-track conditions

Economical aspects (International standards)


  • excellent wind potential (is checked by numeral methods and wind measuring at the site)
  • connection to the grid system (distance to substation, grid reinforcement)
  • spur-track for special transport 


Environment insertion (International standards)


  • maximum distance from the settlements
  • nature protective zones (reserves etc.), taking into account the ways of birds migration
  • historical and architectural monuments presence
  • looking for the sites that allow to concentrate projects
  • areas with local government support are the most suitable


Site suitable for Wind Project Development