Feasibility studies and project studies of 10 wind power farms in Ukraine and Moldavia (Ukraine, since 2009) – 1000 MW

Marketing research projects of existing biogas production and study of the potential being for exploitation (Ukraine since 2009)

Realization of a feasibility study for the recuperation of methane in Lougansk and Donetsk mines, application of JI statements under the Kyoto protocol (Ukraine since 2008)

Preliminary analysis of implementation of a generative plant working on biomass for the energetic needs of a malt house and for a production of electricity (Ukraine 2008-2009)

Detailed design for the construction of a plant producing wood pellets and brickets (Bulgaria since 2008)

Market study and selection of wind power projects, technical studies and control of all legal aspects (Ukraine, since 2007)

Project selections – Market study - Wind Projects (Kyrgyz Republic, since 2010)

Feasibility study and project planning of mini hydro-electric power stations and control of all legal aspects (Ukraine, since 2007)

Detailed design of heat conversion in Romny of boiler-houses into Biomass, Biomass resources identification and Restart of a plant producing pellets (Ukraine since 2008)

Marketing research of oil plants in Ukraine, perspectives for exploitation of seeds and transformation into biofuel (Ukraine since 2009)