BETEN Energy is the «Renewable Energy» department of the service engineering company BETN International based in Ukraine since its independence.

Originally specializing in the assembly of industrial and agricultural projects, in the recent years and through the new Ukrainian law of April 2009 on the green tariff, the company specializes in developing of projects using the following sources of renewable energy: Wind, Solar, Biomass/Biogas, Hydro, Kyoto Protocol Application.

The vocation of the department remains primarily in development, implementation and operation of projects in the field of international project management or turnkey projects.
Development services offered by BETEN projects are: site selection, resource analysis, impact analysis, land expertise, coordination on studies and subcontractors’ management, financial and legal services.

Focus: Ukraine, an exceptional potential for the green energy production

  • 46 M inhabitants with one of the largest energy market worldwide and the corresponding electric grid.
  • Several regions with a strong wind and solar potential, speeds over 6.5m/s and annual solar irradiation over 1380kWh/m2. Estimated capacity of development: 5 GW up to 2020
  • important hydro resources for new projects and existing mini hydro power stations to be renovated and optimized
  • abundant resources in biomass due to significant agricultural production and wastes to recover
  • October 2008: 1st ratification in the Ukrainian Parliament of a Green Law implementing a green tariff for renewable energy 
  • 1st April 2009: Reinforcement of the law about green tariff, with incentive package for investors

BETEN is a member of the main European organizations in this sector, such as ADEME, EWEA and EBA. It works on the application and optimization of this new law in partnership with the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences and the Ukrainian Commission on Green Investments and Renewable Energy sources.